• Custom WordPress Theme Services:

    Poles Apart Design‘s Custom WordPress Theme Services professionally design and develop your Responsive Mobile-Optimized Custom WordPress powered website or blog from concept to design to launch to rousing accolades using User Interface (UI) design best practices, current web standards, modern design implementation, SEO and relevant content strategies.

  • Responsive WordPress Theme Development Services:

    Poles Apart Design‘s Responsive WordPress Theme Development Services make your website attractive and well functioning on small to large mobile devices and desktops using modern frameworks and languages (bootstrap, foundation, jQuery, JavaScript, Modernizr, @media queries), User Interface (UI) Design best practices, relevant content strategies, and SEO.

    *Responsive Design services also available

  • WordPress Theme Customizations Services:

    Poles Apart Design‘s WordPress Theme Customizations Services can customize your new or current WordPress theme to better match your design and functionality needs, using UI (User Interface) design best practices, current web standards and with browser optimization, responsiveness (optimized for small mobile to medium tablets to large desktop screens) and SEO in mind.


  • Front End Web Development Services:

    Poles Apart Design‘s Front End Web Services provides agencies, small business, startups and well-funded nonprofits with UI (user interface) design and development work using modern front end technologies (Photoshop, Mockflow, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, git, grunt, Modernizr, bootstrap, foundation, etc.). Poles Apart’s Front End Web Development Services provides clients with strategically designed and functional, modern, attractive, public facing websites focusing on the look and feel as much as the responsiveness and interactivity via User Interface Design best practices, with responsive mobile optimization, browser optimization, current web standards and SEO in mind.

The Tools


HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, LESS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, RESTful Web API integrations, JSON, AJAX, PHP

Frameworks & Tools:

VCS (git command line, github, bitbucket), Less (CSS pre-processor), GRUNT, bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery, WordPress, Modernizr, font awesome, ServerPress DesktopServer


Photoshop, Illustrator, Wireframing (Mockflow, OmniGraffle), User Interace (UI) Design best practices

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Poles Apart is located in Oakland, San Francisco Bay Area, California

Available to work onsite locally and via telecommute anywhere in the world